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April 22, 2012:

Happy Earth Day!


**For newly planted trees & plants, even the best irrigation system does not supply adequate water. Hand watering is necessary.**

**You have the responsibility for the survival of your trees & plants. See below for watering guidelines for newly installed plant material.**

Average Water Requirements Guideline for Newly Planted Container-Grown Trees & Plants:
- 7-gallon tree or plant: 2-3 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.
- 15 or 30-gallon tree or plant: 6-8 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.
- 45-gallon tree or plant: 8-12 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.
- 65 or 100-gallon tree or plant: 16 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.
- 200-gallon tree or plant: 48 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.
- 300-gallon tree or plant: 64 gallons of water/daily at the root ball.

Please note the above guidelines are only averages. This average water requirements guideline will need to be adjusted depending on the unique conditions of soil type, season & weather.

Strong consideration must be given to your specific tree & plant varieties as well as their size. The season of the year must also be considered, with spring and summer water requirements being significantly greater than that of the fall and winter.
April 8, 2012:

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January 25, 2011:
Happy New Year! Check out our Spring Specials:

November 7, 2010:
Welcome, fall... the cooler weather is here. Summer 2010 was a busy one!! (apologies to all who follow my blog - this is the first opportunity I have had in months to share tips with my loyal clients!)

This summer has been brutal on our lawns. The beginning of this year's heavy winter, coupled with the extreme heat of the summer has created a breeding ground for weeds, fungus, and infestations. So... what to do....

Take advantage of the first cold front. When temperatures drop below 85 degrees, this is a great time to weed and feed your lawn with a 16-0-8 weed and feed fertilizer. The lower nitrogen and potassium will 'winterize' your yard and help eliminate some of the weed infestation from summer. Make sure you apply the fertilizer early morning or late afternoon, and water at least 20 minutes per zone. 

If you need any assistance in the purchase of products or help with the procedure, as always - email me or give me a call! Have a great fall! 


August 20, 2010:
Recent deck work - before and after pics:


July 31, 2010:
Did you know Premier Palms does residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping? This summer we have been hard at work at Central Florida Research Park. Our Premier Palms team is working to tranform the look and feel of the entrance with our custom landscaping. I wanted to share some pics...

May 1, 2010:
Summer has arrived.... Remember to adhere to Water Restriction Guidelines:
- Homes that end in an even address: water Thursday & Sunday
- Homes that end in an odd address (or no address): water Wednesday & Saturday

- Water when needed and not between 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
- Water no more than one hour per zone.

February 18, 2010:
As you are well aware, Winter's fury has played havoc on your Florida landscape.  But Spring is right around the corner and the time for "Spring Cleaning" is near! 
Prune shrubs and trees when new growth appears, since the end of the dormant season is the best time for pruning.  Now that dry weather is here, check sprinkler systems for efficient water use and coverage.  I would recommend waiting for the first full moon in March, March 29th, before applying fertilizer or replacing any frost damaged plants.
Premier Irrigation and Landscape is available to assist you in any of these areas.  Call me with questions, I'm always happy to assist! (407) 415-6954

February 14, 2010:
A "Sweetheart" of a transformation. A young couple from South Florida asked me to come and transform their backyard into paradise. Before and After pictures for your enjoyment:

February 4, 2010:
Another day at my "Home Away From Home" :)

January 30, 2010:

What started as a hobby has turned into another one of my 'passions'... creating backyard paradises... check this one out:

January 24, 2010:
Spent the day today at my tree farm in Oviedo, Florida getting ready for Spring... BUSY SEASON! Take advantage of my specials now, because when the heat hits, business booms! 



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